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How do I roll oats and other grains?

Soak the whole grains in water for a few hours or overnight, then roll them in a roller. A pasta roller might work if you angle it; specialty grain rollers have rougher rollers, to help catch the grains and pull them through. Then place your rolled grains on a cookie sheet and bake them at no higher than 140-degrees until they're dry.

Note that one grainy who tried this said the oats just got mushy and stuck to the rollers.

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  1. We find it best to start with hull less oats or oat groats and simply roll them. There are hand rollers and small farm rollers that you can use. watch kijiji for farm rollers. we have an 8 inch roller and can do a 5 gal bucket in about 2 minutes. Shelf life is similar to fresh flour, eat within one week for best nutrition, but up to a month at room temp before it goes rancid. we recommend fridge or freezer. makes you wonder how the pepsi owned quaker oats last forever? see you george

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