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We Love Gene Logsdon

Unapologetic Promotion of Gene Logsdon

Island Grains was inspired by an amazing book called Small-Scale Grain Raising, written by an Ohio farmer named Gene Logsdon back in 1977. First edition copies sold for almost $200 on eBay back in 2008, but the true value of this book is its accessible, practical, organic approach to backyard grains. We were lucky enough to score a copy at the Times Colonist Book Sale, but you're lucky too: the 2nd Edition of Small-Scale Grain Raising has now been released by Chelsea Green publishing. This is the best book we've found on small-scale grain growing.

Some Inspiration From the Grand-Daddy of Small-Scale Grains

Here's an excerpt from Small-Scale Grain Raising:

What is necessary to raise grains successfully is an understanding of planting, harvesting, and processing methods that are no longer common in commercial farming. . . . In some instances, the right way for you [to grow grains] requires a use of the latest technologies; in other cases it requires a reaching back for knowledge now almost lost. It takes both to make grain growing and grain eating the cottage industry it once was, and the key to food security it must become if personal independence is to be maintained and personal freedom preserved.

Now that we've got you excited about the skills you're going to learn, how you're contributing to food security on Vancouver Island, and how we're all going to change the face of agriculture as we know it by dusting off our scythes, here's how you can be involved in Island Grains:

A 2009 Island Grains participant demonstrates his hand-threshing box.

Using This Website

There are many, many individuals and organizations out there with invaluable information of benefit to small-scale grain growers. We hope that this website will become a central resource to help connect potential grainies with that information. To this end, we will continue to update our Information & Resources section as our own learning increases. Other helpful sections under ongoing development are:

  • Grains 101 (a collection of information regarding all the different kinds of grains available to backyard growers, with pros and cons from a West Coast small-scale grain growers' perspective)
  • How to Grow Your Own Grains (a summary of information gathered through our 2009 & 2010 workshops, personal experience, and found resources, featuring input from some of the most knowledgeable and passionate grainies on the West Coast)

We also invite you to post your own experiences, advice, cautions and comments.


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