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What can I plant with my grains?

According to the companion planting bible, Carrots Love Tomatoes, chamomile increases wheat yields (plant 1 part chamomile to every 100 parts wheat). Bachelor Buttons (a flower) aids rye production when planted in a 1:100 ratio.

It should be noted that grains grow 3+ feet tall, and often require little water, so don't expect your companion plants to perform their best given this shaded, dry environment.

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  1. I am wondering about the seeding rate for chamomile. It says 1:100. Is that ratio for pounds or seed? Example: I seed 100 pounds of wheat per acre. That would mean 1 pound of chamomile per acre (if going by pounds) which seems like a lot considering how small the seed is.

    • I think it’s a seed (or plant) ratio, but that’s just my interpretation … Let us know if you see any benefits to the companion planting!

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