Island Grains

How do I mill grain into flour?

Our amazing local bakery, True Grain in Cowichan Bay, offers custom milling with their stone mill. If you don't have enough grain for that size of a job, other options include:

  • your coffee grinder
  • your blender
  • a "kitchen mill" or special attachment for your food processor.

Also, consider using your grains in other ways such as sprouting, soaking/cooking like rice or oatmeal, wheat grass, flaking into cereals, et cetera. One of our favourite dishes is rye (or another grain) salad:

  1. rinse 2-4 cups of your whole grains to get rid of any chaff
  2. soak the grains, if possible, for up to 24 hours in the fridge in lots of water and 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice
  3. fill the pot with water and boil like pasta until the grains are soft enough: some like their grains el dente, some like mushy. We find it takes 30 minutes to cook our rye this way.
  4. drain the grain into a colander, let it cool a bit, and put it in a big salad bowl
  5. saute 1-2 onions and lots of garlic in butter until translucent, and add to salad
  6. roast/saute/steam any vegetables you like, and add to salad (we love canned olives, roasted squash, sauteed peppers ...)
  7. add cheese if you like cheese (feta is awesome)
  8. drizzle a salad dressing of your choice over the salad (e.g. creamy garlic or honey dill dressing)
  9. add seasonings (salt, pepper, spices) and stir
  10. refrigerate before eating, if possible, to let the flavours blend
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How do I roll oats and other grains?

Soak the whole grains in water for a few hours or overnight, then roll them in a roller. A pasta roller might work if you angle it; specialty grain rollers have rougher rollers, to help catch the grains and pull them through. Then place your rolled grains on a cookie sheet and bake them at no higher than 140-degrees until they're dry.

Note that one grainy who tried this said the oats just got mushy and stuck to the rollers.

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